A GST Practitioner is a tax Professional approved by the Central and State Governments Enrolment Number:332100007467GPT


GST refund & Duty Drawback made it easy with AFS as your partner. 

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Zero upfront fees

AFS believes in its ability and talent. Therefore, we take our fees only after we complete our work. If your task is not done we don’t want the fees! By doing so, our team is sincerely committed to provide you with the best services.

But come what may, opportunities are never ever to be missed. That’s why choose AFS.

We provide free audits for all the companies.

A Consulting Firm that specializes in duty drawback, Indirect tax, GST refund and other customs compliance services.

AFS is a leader, pioneer and front runner in recovering taxes, fees and duties. We believe every business deserves to grow and meet new global heights. The  present attractive import-export schemes, supply chains, logistics,  and technology to scale global levels make it easy even for small companies to take their services abroad. However, point to be noted is that the complex custom duties and taxes involved is too much for businesses to walk alone. So, we enter the scene. 

Our experience and expertise in the field will help businesses to maximize the GST refunds, duties and taxes. We can help you with LUT refunds, ITC accumulation refunds, IGST Refund pending and inverted duty refunds, too.  Therefore, being our client means having the privilege to come by maximum recovery. 

When it comes to quality and attention to clients, we are unmatched. We support our clients completely: audits, reviews, planning, compliance checks, options and opportunities, claim filing, and so on. Simple the best recovery and returns are given on a platter. 

Customs obligations, duty drawbacks, GST refunds are highly complicated areas that involve multitude of rules, regulations, filing processes, compliance issues that make it very difficult for businesses to claim or recover what they actually could. Fearing the tedious work involved, many companies simply pass on the great opportunity. 

A GST practitioner  is a tax professional approved by the Central and State Governments .

  Enrolment Number:332100007467GP

Why us? ​​

  • There are no up-front fees for our services, Our fees are based upon the amount collected – and there is never a charge for uncollected claims.       
  • Providing more knowledge and recommendation about GST’s refund and incentive & special allowance procedure to avoid excess tax payment and increase on your revenue every month at free of cost.
  • We respond 24/7 and 365 days support provided.
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